School Clubs

We are grateful for our teachers and parents who donate their time and talents to run clubs for our scholars. Clubs begin at 3:15 and end promptly at 3:45 unless otherwise stated. Please plan on picking your children on the sidewalk in front of the school by the gym.

Club forms can be picked up in the front office. Once completed, all club forms should be returned to the front office as well.

**The LIABILITY WAIVER FORM (CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD) is required to participate in all Noah Webster Academy clubs.**

Vivace, Sr. Show Choir (4th-6th) Junior Art (3rd-4th) Vivace, Sr. Show Choir (4th-6th) Senior Art (5th-6th)
Scholar Council (3rd-6th)
Community Drama (2nd-6th) Yoga (4th-6th) Community Drama (2nd-6th)
Book Club (4th-6th) Musical Theater (3rd-6th)  Lower Grade Homework (K-3rd) Creative Writing "Inklings" (4th-6th) 
 ESL Adult Club (Parents)  ASL (4th-6th)   Minuet, Junior Music (1st-3rd)
 Choose Your Own
Adventure Club (4th-6th)
 Yearbook (4th-6th)   Imagine Learning (1st-6th)
   ASL Younger (2nd-3rd)    
   Imagine Learning (1st-6th)    
   Mad Science (2nd-6th)